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Maple sap begings to flow slowly but surely and tha tanks will be full within a few days. All the ingredients are there to allow the festivities to begin in the sugar shacks of the region.
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Monitoring system

Because during sugaring season every minute, every drop counts... Increasing productivity is the key to the profitability of your sugaring operation. The CDL monitoring system not only save time and labor, but also allows you to get the most out of your equipment by viewing your data in real time, with the precise and quick repairs of leaks, and much more.
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Wood, chip or pellet evaporators

The CDL Master Evaporator is the only evaporator on the market evaporating over 5.1 Imp. Gals. / ft² or 6 U.S. gals./ ft² of pan.
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30+ Master Evaporators

The combination of these 2 new technologies brings performance and operating costs to an unprecedented level in the industry.
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Wood pellet evaporators

CDL's Sirocco evaporator is an ecological and energy alternative for maple syrup producers.
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Filter presses

We are very proud to now be the exclusive supplier of these high-performance filter presses that will now be distributed throughout North America through our distribution network.
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Processing equipment

Nobody really knows how the Native Americans discovered the existence of maple sap nor how they managed to transform it.
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Bottles and packaging

Today, maple syrup is more sophisticated, the packaging is improved and the market is now worldwide.
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Manuals, guides, recipes and history, our variety of books will give you the necessary information about everything maple. English version only.
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