High vacuum pumps

For high vacuum without worry.

Vane pumps L-series (high performance)

Available from 1 hp to 10hp

Single phase and 3 phase models available.

Maximum vacuum level reachable: 29.9″ Hg with the L-Series Airtech pump and 28.4″ Hg with other popular brand.


Very compact. Silent. Designed to reach up to 29.9″ Hg. Low maintenance. The best pump in the industry, CFM vs HP.

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Liquid ring closed-coupled pumps 3AV series



Very compact. Does not require a strap or couplings. Satinless steel rotor. Manufactured according to the ISO-9001 standards. Designed to reach up to 29″ Hg. Energy efficient design.


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Rotary claw pumps VCX series

575-volt model available upon request.

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