Monitoring system

Because during sugaring season every minute, every drop counts… Increasing productivity is the key to the profitability of your sugaring operation. The CDL monitoring system not only save time and labor, but also allows you to get the most out of your equipment by viewing your data in real time, with the precise and quick repairs of leaks, and much more.


Take control of your business

Because when you have control, you have peace of mind. Save time and money with remote management via your phone, tablet and/or computer. CDL monitoring technology allows management, control and visualization of:   Leaks                     Tank levels           Pumps                 Vacuum levels     Camera                 Temperature in the station and in the forest
Intelligent reverse osmosis

Unique on the market.
Advanced CDL technologiy.
For an unparalleled stability of the system in the forest.
The CDL antennas allow a better dispertion of the waves and an optimal capture of the signals. 

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Pump control

Pump control (2 pumps)
product code: SA100-M2

Pump control (4 pumps)
product code: SA100-M4

Pump control (6 pumps)
product code: SA100-M6

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Double vacuum control

Double vacuum monitoring control
product code: SE100-V-2

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Simple vacuum control

Simple vacuum monitoring control
product code: SE100-V

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Communication gateway

V2 communication gateway
product code: SG100-V2

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